With exorbitantly-priced fuel constantly in the headlines, Toyota has stolen a march on its competitors by giving its British customers six months of free fuel for its new Yari cars.

The offer applies to new Yaris ordered during the month of April and registered before the end of June this year. Given the current price of fuel in the UK the offer is worth about £500, enough to cover 5000 miles in a 1.0-liter VVT-i petrol model.

Punters will receive a pre-pay card to the value of £548.15 in order to take advantage of the benefit. It can be used to pay for fuel at any UK retailer. And once the money is spent you can simply discard the card.

’With the highest petrol and diesel prices we’ve seen for years, it’s the perfect time for Toyota to take the initiative and give our customers a benefit that’s of real value day-to-day,’ Toyota Commercial Director, Matt Harrison, said.

‘Thanks to their Toyota Optimal Drive powertrains, Yaris petrol and diesel models are among the most fuel and emissions-efficient in their class, so even when the free fuel has been used up, they will be costing their owners a lot less to run than many of their rivals.’

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