Ka theft the lowest

If you own a Ford Ka then congratulations. Unless you live in a riot-hit area, it's probably safe for you to nip into the shops and leave the car running with the keys inside.

That's because this baby Ford is the least stolen car of the past five years, according to a new survey of most and least stolen cars.

Burglar turned security expert Michael Fraser claims that the Ka, along with the Chevrolet Matiz, Suzuki Ignis and Hyundai i10, are the cars least likely to be spirited aways with the aid of a crowbar and some crafty dealings, with only one in 5000 vehicles stolen.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you own a Jaguar XJ, Mercedes C-Class or Range Rover Sport, you could also be at risk according to Fraser, as they are 'fast, powerful, hold the road well and are built well.'

Surprisingly though, the most frequently stolen car was the Toyota Yaris, with one in every 244 disappearing. More traditionally exotic cars such as the Volkswagen Touareg and Volvo XC90 SUV's, followed, along with the Porsche 911 sports car and the SEAT Altea MPV.

Fraser encouraged car owners to look after their gadgetry as well.

'A common mistake is to remove a portable satnav but forget to clean the circular mark left where it was stuck to the windscreen,' he said.

It’s a dead give-away and highlights you are not security conscious,’ he said, before adding: 'The best way to keep your vehicle safe is to put a tracker on it, wheel-locking nuts, a sticker saying the vehicle is alarmed, keep the inside tidy, keep the car locked, the windows shut and everything out of sight.’

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