Looking for Kalkhoff electric bikes on sale in the UK?

Electric bikes are increasingly popular purchases for people who wish to cycle to work, or opt for a less strenuous ride. With motors to kick in when you want a rest, or to give you a little boost of speed, electric bikes are also a practical option for leisure bikers. And no one makes better models than Kalkhoff. Based near Bremen in Germany, this brand produces modern and lightweight bikes. Their top of the range luxury models, featuring cutting edge technology, are bound to impress, but do not come cheap. Here's a selection of Kalkhoff electric bikes for UK shoppers.

The 50cycles.com website features an unbeatable range of Kalkhoff models on sale. Their premium bicycle is the Kalkhoff Pro Connect S10 DL Electric Bike. This bike costs £3465 and comes with custom frames from 45cm to 60cm. The bike boasts an aluminium E-Bike frame, a Panasonic Center motor, and an 18Ah and 468Wh Li-Ion battery. This bike is stylish and cutting edge, with technical components hidden behind a lightweight metallic shell. Riders can also keep up to date with their progress on an LCD display. For more information on buying this model, contact the website directly.

If you do not need such a lavish model then the Kalkhoff Agattu 3 speed bicycle can be had for as little as £1495. This piece of kit is great for the more casual rider who will be exploring less challenging terrain. With a 250 Watt motor and Humpert Mooncruiser handlebars, riders can ease off and let the bike take control, or alternatively ride along at a steady pace. For handy storage the bike also comes with a reliable and study Atran Stylo kickstand.

Kalkhoff also manufacture fold away mobile bikes as well as a range of city bikes, ideal for commuters and couriers. Looking around for the best deal for these expensive bikes is recommended, as well as purchasing specialised warranties, as the costs of repair can add up.

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