Kate's old VW for sale on eBay

The owner of a second hand VW Golf that used to belong to Kate Middleton has put the car up for auction on eBay after he realised its potential worth.

Sonny Brazil, 21, is also throwing in a pair of silver cuff links he found in the car, claiming that they could belong to Wills.

The starting price is £20,000, though the owner is hoping it will fetch more, saying: 'I went to an auction house in Dorset a few weeks ago and they said it would be worth £30,000-plus, purely because of the name in the log book.'

'I'm not quite sure who the cufflinks belong to, they might have been William's or they could have belonged to James (Kate Middleton's brother).

'It is hard to say but I'll be selling them with the car as well as all the receipts for work done on the car and the log book.'

The auction will end just before 8.30pm on July 24.

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