Ken thinks again

Ken Livingstone is back on the campaign trail with the mayoral scalp of Boris Johnson his prime concern.

And this time round he’s even trying to give a sweetener to motorists, claiming that if re-elected as mayor he wouldn’t reintroduce the congestion charge’s Western Extension Zone.

Blond Boris Johnson scrapped the WEZ last year in a move predicted to cost around £55 million a year.

Livingstone said he theory he would prefer to bring the charge back but added: ‘given it would cost £100 to £150 million to do it, I think I'd much rather spend that money on front-line policing and keeping the fares down.’

However, the man they call ‘Red Ken’ hasn’t gone soft in his old age: he still wants to charge £25 on Chelsea Tractors and other gas guzzlers that head into central London.

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