About kids motorcycles

Kids Hobby

If a child or teen develops a taste for speed and wants to take up a sport involving it, one of the natural routes to go is offroad scrambler biking. There are many clubs all over the country which run weekly races and competitions. As a hobby it is expensive but doable. Many kids motorcycles, therefore, come with the 'dirt bike' look or style.

Where To Shop For Dirt Bikes?

Ghostracingseries.com is an excellent place for you to shop for junior scrambler motorcycles. One of their primary offers, as of time of writing, is the Bulldog Junior Dirt Bike 50cc. This bike comes in three colors, blue, red and black and is available for only £265. This offer includes a heap of special offer extras including discounts on helmets, gloves, boots etc. The price for delivery of this particular bike is £55 but it is free to pick up from London.

Funbikes.co.uk offer a very extensive range of great value and attractive dirt and pit bikes. The prices for KIDS MOTORCYCLES start as low as £215 and stretch up to around a £1000. The Cobra and Honda brands makes up most of the range. Accessories are also available.

Shop Around

It is important to research extensively before buying on these child motorcycles online. The main stumbling block will be the sizing, especially if this is the first time you have purchased one and are not really sure what size and quality kids motorcycles are out there.

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