KTM’s X-Bow 'Race': A Race Car Built By Bikers

In 2005, Stefan Pierer, CEO of Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM, met in Salzburg with Gerald Kiska, CEO of KISKA Design Studio. The meeting was spurred by the alarming state of the European motorcycle market, and resulted in a significant paradigm shift and a most ironic solution – the development of a lightweight, high performance sportscar: the KTM X-Bow ‘Race.’

After extensive research and development, and market tests, the first KTM X-Bow ‘Race’ rolled off the assembly line toward the end of September 2008. A fully FIA homologated GT4 Sports Light racing car, the X-Bow ‘Race’ features 30 modified or new components compared to standard road cars, and consolidates the company’s experience in its first season of professional motorsport.

The X-Bow is expected to perform impressively on racing circuits. But it isn’t just a racing machine. Its modern technologies are more oriented towards drivers seeking a pure driving experience. It sacrifices electronic mechanisms and current standard comfort features to deliver a totally unfiltered driving adventure.

Driving the KTM X-Bow is an experience that can only be compared to riding a motorcycle.

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