Kwik Fit exhausts: a guide

Kwik Fit stock thousands of exhausts for a wide selection of cars and commercial vehicles. Although no appointment is necessary at any of their 650 centres across the UK, drivers can book by phone or through the web at www.kwik-fit.com.


The exhaust is a series of pipes that link the engine through a catalytic converter and a silencer. It has four main functions: to control noise, to direct exhaust fumes away from passengers, to improve the performance of the engine and to decrease fuel consumption.


The most common problem with exhausts is corrosion. Corrosion doesn’t happen over a set period of time or after an exhaust has been used for a certain amount of miles. Cars that are predominantly used for short trips won’t get as many miles out of their exhaust as those used for long journeys because wear and tear is determined by how often a car is driven.

Performance Exhausts

As one of an exhaust’s functions is to aid performance, Kwik Fit sell and fit a range of performance exhausts from leading brand Janspeed. These exhausts improve a car’s visual appearance and make an impressive sound, whilst increasing power output. They are available in 570 Kwik Fit centres where a trained technician will guide you through the exhaust systems tailored to your car. Once an order is placed, the fitting can be completed within 3 working days.

Final Word

Kwik Fit exhaust systems come with a 3 year guarantee and all purchases are subject to their price promise. Customer are entitled to a refund of 110% of the price difference if the exhaust is equivalent to the Kwik Fit exhaust.

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