LA Auto Show 2008

As the song goes, “L.A. is a great big freeway…”

On November 21, all freeways lead to Los Angeles, California, USA, specifically, to the L.A. Auto Show 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Centre on S. Figueroa Street.

Check out some of the certified show-stoppers at the 2008 LA Auto Show!

This year’s show will feature North American and world vehicle debuts, concept cars, alternative fuel vehicles, after-market products, and sneak previews. The event’s centrepiece, however, is new design, and the Design Challenge 2025 will feature spectacular design concepts for some of the top auto brands by the top auto design studios. The designers visualised groundbreaking technology to improve speed, power, performance, and safety of race cars – 25 years from now.

As s a result, nine truly mind-blowing motorsport concepts will be presented when the event takes place in a few weeks. The include Mitsubishi’s windowless pod, Volkswagen’s motorcycle-style racer, Chevrolet’s eco-triathlon racer, BMW’s goldfish-monitored green machine, Honda’s world racer, Audi’s high velocity dream, Mazda’s emission-less race car, the luge-like Mercedes-Benz vehicle, and Toyota’s dreamy speedster.

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