Lamborghini Gallardo and Santa Claus in LA

We’re not sure what to make of Santa Claus in a Lamborghini Gallardo. It’s definitely fast enough for him to get around the world in delivering presents, but there’s only space of one elf and where do all the presents go? He can hardly get around unnoticed in a Lamborghini either as it draws onlooker no matter what time of day it’s on the road and it would wake up the small children from their slumber when he arrives at their home to deliver presents.

Father Christmas’s most famous ride is his sleigh but even he gets bored of the same old vehicle so maybe this 202mph monster with permanent 4-wheel-drive and a 6-speed sequential gearbox is taken out of the garage when he fancies a change. He’ll have a 0-62mph time of 3.7 seconds to contend with and 560 hp from the 10 cylinder 5.2 litre power plant. With all that power on tap, we’re not sure why he would choose the city streets of Los Angeles as he did this past week.

In truth, nobody knows why this Santa and his elf helper were on the streets of LA as they don’t appear to be promoting anything. Maybe they were just trying to raise a little Xmas cheer ahead of next week’s big day. Either way, we’re happy to see someone making an effort to make the sunshine state a bit more Christmassy. Given that this time of year it’s basking in sunlight and enjoying 29 degrees Celsius we’re not sure that the traditional Christmas scenes of snow and log fires really apply to Californians. It must be strange spending Christmas in the sun. But we’re probably just jealous because Britain’s about to experience storm and rain. So no white Christmas for the UK but at least Santa Claus will be able to use his Lamborghini to get around.

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