Land Rover DC100

A make-over of the Defender is in the works with the new Land Rover DC100 targeted for release in 2015. Its sale price is estimated to start at US$40,000 or £26,000.

Unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show last September 13, 2011, the range includes the DC100 and the DC100 Sport. The aim is to take the best of the “iconic” Defender, Land Rover’s powerful, all-terrain vehicle, and adapt it to current, modern times.

Yes, the two models will keep their 100-inch wheel base using high-grade materials and cutting-edge technology. While the DC100 boasts of top of the line off-road capabilities, the DC100 Sport will take the driver to heights of freedom and leisurely styles.

The DC100 features a hard top while the DC100 Sport is roofless. Courtesy of rigorous EU regulations, the 60-year old company is redesigning the Defender to meet the demands of the current era and to make it competitive.

Land Rover Designer Gerry McGovern says, "You need to remember, though, that we aren't going to be able to sell the current vehicle after 2015 in some markets. It doesn't meet modern crash standards, or emissions requirements and it's got no air bags. It's great, but it's from a bygone era."

Expect to do away with the tractor-like look and feel of driving the Defender. In its place, is a modern concept featuring a boxed look, V8 engine, and all the high-tech capabilities of an off-road vehicle.

A peek of what to look forward to: ‘Terrain i-scanning’ capability to alert the driver of any hurdles off-road and ‘Wade Aid sonar' technology to assess water depth.

McGovern further adds that the DC100 “isn’t a production-ready concept, but the beginning of a four-year journey to design a relevant Defender for the 21st century.” Current Defender owners are invited to give their opinions and be part of that journey.

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