Last genius of F1

Ferrari team boss Stefano Domenicali saw last Sunday his team officially drop out of the 2011 driver's championship, as it became mathematically impossible for Fernando Alonso to win following the Singapore GP.

But while not begrudging Vettel his success, Domenicali claimed the real champion at Red Bull is the designer .

'Obviously there is teamwork,' Domenicali told sports daily Marca, 'but what is clear is that they are the only team that has this genius that is Adrian Newey, who has done a great project.

'Formula One has changed a lot compared to the past, when there were a great many personalities in formula one. Now there is only one, and this guy is with Red Bull,' he said.

Newey seems to set to stay at Red Bull for the foreseeable future, but Domenicali thinks that Ferrari can be level pegging with them in 2012.

"They are good, but I think this area of the blown diffuser is precisely where we have not been able to get the performance we wanted.

'They have been very good with this but I think the car for next year will have fewer areas where you can find something else in the rules.

'So I am quite optimistic because we started (the 2012 car) very early, some people will say in August, and the first wind tunnel numbers are very encouraging.'

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