Why Purchase the Latest Toyota Landcruiser Cars?

There are many ways to buy the latest Toyota Landcruiser cars. You can purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser directly from the Toyota site, go to a Toyota dealer or search for Land Cruiser cars in your local newspaper. When choosing a Land Cruiser, there are a variety of choices to make. Consumers can choose from new or used vehicles, lease or direct purchase options. Other choices to make are the variety of features. The Toyota Land Cruiser 2011 features include 17 inch alloy wheels, door mouldings, carpet floor mats, remote engine starter and an iPod interface kit.

Land Cruiser Specifications

Before you decide to purchase your Toyota Land Cruiser, it is essential to know the specifications of the car. The Toyota Land Cruiser has a V8 5.7 litre, 32 valve engine. The car features a 6 speed automatic transmission along with a electronic fuel injection system. The fuel tank holds 138 litres.

Safety Features

Safety features matter when choosing the newest cars on the market. Safety features include the crawl control, downhill assist, front and rear stabiliser bar. The Toyota Land Cruiser also provides quality breaking systems. Breaking controls include the electronic break distribution system, breaking assistant, traction control and anti-lock breaks. Consumers also enjoy features that will keep their vehicle from being stolen.The Land Cruiser also has a remote key starter system as well as an anti-theft system.

Purchase Decisions

Now that you are aware of all the great features of the Toyota Land Cruiser, when it comes to comfort and convenience, you can almost have it all with this car. The space and the size of this car is a great fit for a big family.  If you are now convinced of buying the Toyota Land Cruiser of your dreams, you can visit the Toyota site directly, go to a Toyota retail outlet or research online dealers.

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