Launch of the leaf

With its reputation as European Car of the Year and a nomination for World Car of the Year under its belt, the Nissan Leaf finally landed on UK shores today.

Toyota’s first shipment of the electric vehicle has been a while in coming – British customers have been putting in orders for the car since last September.

’The arrival of the Nissan Leaf, the world’s first affordable, all-electric car, in Europe is a landmark day for Nissan and European transport. The Nissan LEAF is a genuine alternative to petrol and diesel cars in terms of style, features, safety, performance and handling,’ said Simon Thomas, a Nissan official.

’It is fitting that this first shipment of Nissan Leafs is arriving on our new energy-saving car carrier, the City of St. Petersburg. We look forward to delivering these cars to the very first Nissan Leaf customers, who share our vision for an environmentally sustainable future for road transport.’

Nissan admits that it hasn’t done well with letting customers know when their vehicles would become available. Even still, there’s a palpable excitement surrounding the launch of this extraordinary new car.

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