Lazy speed camera catches one crook a year

A speed camera in Cardiff costing £20,000 to install has caught just one driver speeding in the whole time it’s been up, making a return of just £60.

By that you could argue that it means the camera has done its job well, as there are evidently no speeding drivers in the area.

But some outraged locals who seems to have found the ear of the Daily Mail have said the camera is a 'joke' that 'does nothing to improve road safety.’

Big Brother Watch called it ‘an example of excessive surveillance invading our lives under the guise of safety.’

The camera, which is situated on a street in Rhiwbina Hill, has an easier time of it than Cardiff’s busiest camera, on the M4, which  snaps 18 drivers per day on average, raking in more than £1,000 a day.

Locals of the Rhiwbina Hill area argue that speed in the area has never been an issue. Councillor Adrian Robson said: ‘Historically there were a few accidents caused by the low sun blinding cars as they came over the hill, but if the average speed was lower than the limit, then speed wasn't the problem.’

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