lease cars - a better option to buying outright?

Lease cars have traditionally been the choice for many businesses. The main advantages of a leased car is that you can choose from every available make and model without having to pay a large initial outlay.

Leasing offers a more affordable option when it comes to driving away in a brand new car.

The car itself is owned by the finance company until you pay the final instalment of the lease agreement. The most typical length of finance terms would be 60 months, the equivalent of five years, and some contracts have penalties written in if you clear the loan before that timescale so make sure you read all fine print before committing to anything!

Lease terms also carry administration fees and interest charges but you can shop around for the best deal.

Windsor offer an attractive lease option and you can visit their website to locate the dealership nearest to you.

Possibly the biggest advantage of a leased car is the option to continually update and upgrade without breaking the bank. Obviously if you upgrade from a budget model to a prestige car then the repayments will go up but, once again, there is no massive outlay.

In some instances, some finance companies might ask for a small lump sum and then the monthly repayments only increase slightly or may even stay the same. There is also another alternative, called a balloon repayment, which means you pay a lump sum at the very end of your repayment schedule.

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