Can leased cars work for you?

If you're starting to expand your business, then you may be considering a fleet of cars to help things run smoother. A lot of companies bite the bullet and simply buy these cars. However, we have a suggestion that could save you money.

A lot of UK businesses could save a fortune by choosing leased cars. The moment you drive a new car off a forecourt, it instantly drops thousands in value. This can be a nightmare for business balance sheets, not to mention the crippling up front costs you'll have to bear.

Leasing will allow you to drive the same new car off the forecourt without the crippling opening payment. Repayments on a lease can often be significantly lower than purchasing, with one UK car lease company putting the figure around 55% lower. This can represent a significant saving for you and your company.

Leasing your fleet of company cars will also allow you to keep the fleet relatively new - thus keeping abreast of developments in the field of fuel efficiency and saving you further money. Mileage won't be an issue, which is good if your company cars will be on the road a lot.

Another boost is that Road Tax will often be included in lease agreements, removing the hassle of organising it yourself. Leasing is a win win situation, so see if it can save your company money today!

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