Let's take a look at hybrid vans

The pursuit of a greener Earth, and lower petrol costs, has seen most car companies begin to seriously do their homework into greener alternatives. This is beginning to bear fruit with the Toyota Prius fuel efficient hybrid, and more pointedly with the Nissan Leaf electric car.

Unfortunately, the advances made in the field of eco cars aren't really being matched by the commercial side. There isn't really a hybrid van out there offering anything near the same efficiency as the Toyota Prius. However, all this looks set to chang, with the launch of the Iveco Hyrid Daily.

This pioneering Hybrid Van promises fuel savings of up to 30%, perfect for companies struggling with their fuel costs as petrol continues to rise at the pumps. Iveco estimates a fleet of ten Daily Hybrids will reduce annual diesel consumption by 6,000 litres, saving you thousands off your costs.

The vans have just begun undergoing a trial in Europe, with FedEx Express running the trial across their delivery fleet. Drivers of the first Daily hybrid vehicles in Italy have commented that they are ideal for commercial use because of their manoeuvrability. All drivers of the new vans undergo a training course as they get used to the greater maneuverability of the vans.

If the trial is successful, it's expected the Daily Hybrid could go on retail sale within eighteen months. Unfortunately, there is no word as of yet as to how much the vans will cost, but as long as they aren't prohibitively expensive, then there's no reason not to invest!

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