Lewis Huffilton

Lewis Hamilton stormed off without completing his media duties after the Singapore Grand Prix following a row with Felipe Massa that was captured on Dutch TV and relayed on the BBC's coverage.

The pair clashed in qualifying on Saturday, with Hamilton accusing the Brazilian driver of 'blocking' and Massa saying the Briton was 'not using his mind'. Last night Massa warmed to his theme. “Yesterday he tried to be Superman in qualifying and today he tried to do the same. He could have caused a big accident', he said.

'How many races this year has he gone in the wrong direction? He never learns.

'I tried to speak to him, but he didn't listen to me. I called him twice, but he didn't listen, he passed through. He didn't even look at me. Maybe his father can do something about it.'

Asked if Hamilton should be penalised further for his actions, Massa added: 'It is up to the FIA. You can't say they made a mistake (here) because they penalised him. But he is paying so much for his driving.'

Hamilton's father, Anthony Hamilton, believes his son would benefit from a more hands-on manager.

'You look up and down the pit lane and every driver, except for Lewis, has a driver-manager in his life, not people from a company,' he said.

'I am sure his management are very good – I don’t know – but Formula One drivers need people personally involved in the driver’s lives because it is a big pressure.

'They have got to be here and I don’t think you can do the job by sending someone else. I don’t know any other driver-manager who sends someone else to do the job.

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