Everything you need to know about the Lister engine series

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Lister Petter has been a worldwide provider for clean, reliable, long lasting diesel and gas engines for over 140 years. They are so confident that their engines will not let you down that they even offer you a 5 year warranty with all of their market leading products. This helps you be confident that a Lister engine won't let you down.

The company is based in Gloucestershire but there are also operations in the USA, France, China and India. This global spread ensures that you are never too far away from the expertise that you need.

A wide range of engines are available via their website lister-petter.co.uk. You can also download data sheets for each product through their website. Below we take a look at the specifications of their best selling range of engines:

  • L Series - BHP from 1.34 - 9.92 and power from 1 - 7.4 KW
  • T Series - BHP from 7.38 - 38.22 and power from 5.5 - 28.5 KW
  • A Series - BHP from 2.82 - 8.18 and power from 2.1 - 6.1 KW
  • Alpha Range - Up to 56 BHP and 42 KW of power
  • Delta Range - BHP from 31.78 - 65.04 and power from 23.7 - 48.5 KW

All of these engines can be bought second hand from websites such as ebay.co.uk and gumtree.com. If you would prefer to buy a brand new engine, you could check with your local car mechanic or visit lister-petter.co.uk.

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