The Lite way mobility scooter

The Lite Way mobility scooter has been a favourite with the elderly for many years now. It has lots of great features and it makes getting around a lot easier for for older or disabled people.

Golden Technoilogies LiteWay Folding scooter: This is the perfect mobility scooter for anyone that is disabled. It has an easily adjustable swivel seat with flip up armrests. It also has a handy basket uder the seat for shopping or storing items like a handbag.

The battery life is great on the machine and will easily last a whole day on the town with no fear of breakdown. It is fast but the steering isn't it's strongest point. Sometimes it can be hard to maneuver out of a tight spot. Other than this minor flaw, Golden technologies have hit the nail on the head with this one.

Check it out at Go Mobility Scooters (http://www.gomobilityscooters.com) and see if this is the right scooter for you. It retails at $1700 but can be picked up for as little as £1200. It is a fantastic machine and is well worth a look.

The Rascal Liteway: Again this has great features for an elderly or disabled person. It can be easily dismantled into four parts and has front and rear rubber suspension. Again it has a handy basket under the seat and swivel chair to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

This retails for £2,400 but again can be found for a lot less. In some cases we have see it for £1,700, that is a £700 saving! For all the details on The Rascal, hit up the Independence Mobility (http://www.independencemobility.co.uk) website.

Check out the Lite Way mobility scooter and see if they suit your needs.

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