Litter at your peril

Car owners could face automatic fines for any litter being thrown out of their car windows, even if they themselves weren’t the perpetrators.

At the moment, authorities can only contact the registered owner of the vehicle if litter is thrown out of it, but if the keeper of the vehicle denies any wrongdoing, the council then needs to take the accused to court – which is often difficult to prove as well as time consuming.

Cllr Clyde Loakes, vice chairman of the LGA Environment Board, said: ‘Councils in England spend more than £850 million each year on keeping the streets and roads clean. With council services under enormous pressure from big cuts to local authority budgets it is vitally important to bring that cost down. Getting tough on people who drop rubbish on our carriageways is one way to tackle a problem which is costly, difficult and dangerous to clean up.’

He added: ‘When someone gets a speeding ticket or flytipping fine, the keeper of the vehicle can be prosecuted if the offender can't be identified. Littering from a vehicle should be treated in the same way.’

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