Load of scrap

Old, once loved cars, look very depressing piled on top of each other at the local scrap yard. That's why Finnish artist, Miina Äkkijyrkkä, has taken it on himself to do something about it, taking a giant piece of rusty old metal that used to constitute a vehicle, and turning it into a sculpture of a giant cow.

As well as having attended the School of the Fine Arts of Finland, Äkkijyrkkä also has qualifications from an educational institution for dairy farming, and as well as tending metallic cows made from cars like the ones in the picture, she also looks after her own ones. So it's safe to say she is no newbie in the cow department.

She scowers Finland and purchases dozens of used vehicles from dealers across the country, using the scrap metal to form these massive bovine creatures that look like they're out of Star Wars.

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