Locating Honda motorcycles parts

When your motorcycle needs repair or just some upkeep, you want to be sure that the Honda motorcycles parts that you use are the best you can buy for the money. Many places all over the UK offer parts for all types of motorcycles, including Honda.

Where to Find Genuine Older Parts

Visiting your local Honda motorcycle dealer is always a good place to start if you are looking to buy genuine Honda parts. Buying from a dealer is usually a bit more expensive however. You can find genuine Honda parts at other shops as well, and if you are looking for older parts, the dealer may no longer stock them.

For genuine Honda motorcycles spares from the 1960s to present, visit David Silver Spares, davidsilverspares.co.uk, Unit 14 Masterlord Industrial Estate, Station Road, Leiston, Suffolk IP16 4JD; John Oldfield Motorcycles, johnoldfield.co.uk, 79 Waterloo Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 3BS.

Locating Parts Online

There are shops online that offer a large inventory of parts and accessories for Hondas. Important motorcycles parts such as brakes, gears and controls are all available. They carry new and used parts, including Honda and brand name OEM parts. Nearly every website has help available if you are not sure of the part number you need. Most also will locate a part for you if they don’t have it in stock. Many offer the ability to visit their shop if you live in the area.

Website and Locations to Visit

Here is a list of several shops that offer Honda and OEM parts for your motorcycle.

  • Motorcycleproducts.co.uk, online only, offer 24-hour part delivery
  • Motorcyclepartsuk.net, West Midlands at 110 Paddock Lane, Walsall WS1 2EH
  • Motorcyclesparesuk.com, located in Exeter, Devon, 01392467700
  • Custom Wizard Motorcycles, customwizard.com, 2 Walker Street, The Wicker Arches, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S3 8GZ
  • Motorcyclenews.com, lists multiple suppliers of motorcycle parts

With these and many other establishments available, you are sure to find the Honda motorcycles parts that you need to keep your bike in tip-top shape.

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