Look into my eyes …

Passing your driving test is as much a test of nerves as it is skill behind the wheel, and for 35-year-old Nikki Durrant fear of taking her test led to repeated panic attacks – until she tried hypnosis.

Scottish Nikki had such fear of taking her test that she would burst into tears, and every time she failed a test her attacks got worse.

Nikki said: ‘It got to the point where on my third driving test I just froze halfway through and started crying. I turned the car around and refused to go on it... On one test the instructor even slammed the brakes on before I had got out of the car park. It was horrible.’

After failing for a fourth time, her plucky husband suggested she try hypnotherapy. After two hours of therapy Nikki felt ready to try again, and on her fifth attempt she breezed through the test.

Her hypnotherapist, Caroline Tyler, explained her method: ‘She was anxious so I took her through her driving test in her head so when she did come to take it again she could associate it with a relaxed memory,’ she said.

Now not only can Nikki drive, but she’s also found a way to cope with stressful situations. ‘Hypnotherapy has worked wonders for me, I don't think I would ever have passed my driving test without it,’ she said. ‘I don't normally go in for that kind of thing, but now I use it whenever I am stressed.’

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