Looking for alloy wheels for Rover cars in Wales?

Ah, Rover. Such a magnificent brand, that came to such a sad end. Still, at least we still have great cars like the 25 and 45 (originally 200 and 400) to remind us. But what if you want to get yourself some new alloys for your proud piece of British motoring heritage?

Fortunately, there are lots of options in Wales if your looking for alloy wheels rover wales available to Welsh buyers. First and foremost you should try eBay. There are typically lots of new and used wheels available. If you don't get any luck there, or you want to do some research first, try the user forums at mg-rover.org. There's a passionate community of Rover lovers there who'll answer your questions about what and where to buy (and how to fit it).

But what if you want to kick it old-school, taking your car to an actual mechanic to have your wheels fitted - and choosing them in an actual shop? Autopart UK, one of the UK's biggest alloy wheels retailers, have an outlet in PontyPridd. Easy peasy!

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