Looking for Ford Focus ST alloy wheels?

If you happen to be the proud owner of a Ford Focus ST, you're probably aware of the running costs of such a performance machine. Servicing and repairs can be high, and finding spares can be quite a nightmare due to the rarity of the vehicle.

Sourcing standard alloy wheels is no big deal, but sourcing specific Ford Focus ST alloy wheels to replaced your current damaged ones is a whole different ball game. Very few of these cars can be found in breakers yards due to the relatively small number of these vehicles which were sold when new. The options for perusing and acquiring the original standard spec alloys from the ST are as such limited, with only two primary routes available.

The first is the logical choice, but also happens to be the expensive choice which you are probably aware of and thus trying to avoid. This is to directly contact Ford UK/IRELAND and request the replacement or new alloys for your vehicle. Going straight to the dealer for parts and wheels is always the most reliable way of acquiring your needs, but due to this the dealer can always charge a premium when compared to alternative options.

The second and most popular route for acquiring your ST alloys, is to go the second hand route. Placing a wanted ad on car forums and websites such as www.autotrader.co.uk as well as a brief search of a classified website such as www.donedeal.ie will sometimes show up results which relate to you, if you're lucky enough!

A last resort may be to refurbish your original ST alloys, most cities have a number of professional alloy wheel refurbishers and they offer quite competitive prices when compared to actually replacing an alloy wheel. Gumtree.co.uk often have classified ads from refurbishers with pricing and details posted alongside.

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