Looking for something to do? Why not try some car shows!

We are always complaining that there's not much to do in the United Kingdom these days apart from going to the pub or spending money while out shopping. Well, for car enthusiasts at least, this isn't entirely accurate. There are plenty of excellent car shows on around the country almost every weekend for you to check out.

What kind of car show appeals to you?

If you think that car shows are all about loud electronic music and boy racers showing off their souped up family cars then think again! No matter what kind of car you're into, there's always plenty for you to see and do at UK car shows.


If you're into vintage motors, there are any amount of fantastic events on across the country every year. You can keep up to speed with all the latest dates, venues and prices by bookmarking the excellent classicshowsuk.co.uk. It breaks all the local and national shows down into a month by month calendar, and offers everything you need to know about each of them in an easy to follow digest.

Modified Cars

If you like modified cars, then the Ultimate Street Car show will be right up your street. It usually takes place between the end of July and the middle of August every year and features loads of fun events like burnout contests, flameout contests, drag racing and much, much more.

Top Gear

Alternatively, for those of you who have friends who aren't quite as enthusiastic as you are, you might want to give some consideration to the Top Gear Live shows.

These run sporadically throughout the year and are great fun for the whole family; even those who don't know the boot from the bonnet.

There really is something for everyone

Despite what many people seem to think, a day out at a car show can actually be a whole lot of fun for everyone. You don't need to know about engines, body kits or street racing in order to really enjoy yourself, and with so many different car shows on throughout the year, there's always going to be something for you to look forward to at the weekend.

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