How to replace lost car keys fast and cheap

According to Britannia Rescue, almost three million British drivers face expensive lock-outs because they don’t have a spare set of car keys to fall back on. If you have lost your car keys and don’t have a spare set to fall back on, replacing your lost keys can cost you dearly. Fortunately, there are some ways you can replace lost car keys fast and cheaply.

Standard car insurance claim

Many motor insurers automatically cover for lost car keys as part of their standard car insurance policies. Co-op bank, for example, will pay drivers up to £750 if their keys are stolen. Other insurers like M&S, however, do not provide this insurance cover in standard packages. Check if your car insurance policy has cover for lost or stolen car keys and make a claim on it. This will save you a lot of stress and money.

“Key cover” claim

Some mainstream insurers include "key cover" to protect you in the event your car key is lost or stolen. Key cover may be included as an add-on to your existing car insurance or as a stand-alone policy. Claim your key insurance cover to replace lost car keys where applicable. If you are not covered, consider getting the cover soon.

The benefits of getting car key cover can extend beyond replacement of lost or stolen keys to recovery of keys locked inside a premises or vehicle. Companies like AA Insurance even give key protection warranties that include a car hire service to help you out when you are stranded somewhere due to lost keys.

High street key cutters

High street key cutters like Timpson and Kent Locksmiths represent some of the best options to replace lost car keys on the cheap. The locksmiths will cut a new car key for a significantly cheaper price than the garage price, depending on how sophisticated the key was. The downside to high street key cutters is that you are likely not to restore remote locking.

Online locksmiths

Another great option to replace lost car keys fast and cheaply is to take advantage of the services offered by locksmith companies competing online and on mobile. Shop around for key replacement companies and browse advertisements and offers online to find the most competitive service out there.

Remember: carry your driving licence and vehicle registration document (V5) when you go to replace your keys to prove you are the genuine owner of the car.

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