Looking for the lowest emmision cars?

If you're thinking about picking one of the lowest emmision cars, then there are a host of reasons why it's a good idea. You'll be helping the environment, and more importantly, you'll be saving lots of money in the process.

Cars like the Toyota Prius are becoming more and more common, and with good reason, petrol prices are going through the roof. With Road Tax now being linked to engine size and emissions, picking up a lower emission car has never made more sense.

Cars that emit 100g/km of CO2 or less and meet the European "Five Star Standard" for air quality receive a 100% discount off the London Congestion Charge as of 04/01/2011. They also qualify for a £0 rate of Vehicles Excise Duty, while their rate of "Company Car Tax" will also come way down.

The car offering the lowest emissions in the UK right now is the Smart ForTwo Cabrio Pulse 54bhp cdi. It has a 799CC engine, and emits a mere 86g/km. It retails for a bargain 11,860 pounds. The UK's biggest offender when it comes to emissions is the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It has a 5748CC engine, and retails for 222,387 pounds.

If you're looking for an all-purpose car that ticks all the "green" boxes, then we suggest snapping up the Toyota Prius. The third generation of this vehicle benefits from reduced fuel consumption (down over 23% to only 3.9l/100 km (72.4mpg). It's well worth a look if you want to go environmental!

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