Magni, Zaeta, Paton and CR&S join forces and create Officina Moto Italia

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Among the many novelties that will be present during the 71st edition of the EICMA International MotorcycleShow in Milan that will be held this week will be the launch of the a new company.

Four small, but very prestigious Italian custom motorcycle builders: CR & S, Paton, Magni and Zaeta haved join forces to create Officina Moto Italia.

These four companies who are known to motorcycle afficionados for their hand built and priceless motorcycle craftsmanship, have decided to work as single entity to order optimize costs, even if they will continue to run independently.

The Officina Moto Italia will be the first of its kind business in this sector and will actively promote their motorcycles under the Made in Italy banner.

The four companies all have very different backgrounds, but they are tied together by an immense passion to create unique and stunning motorcycles.

Elaborazioni Preparazioni Magni or Magni for short was founded by Arturo Magni in 1977 and is a marque that was historically tied to MV Agusta.

Magni started in 1947 working in Gilera’s race department under the guidance of engineer Remor and was one of the first mechanics that assembled the Gilera's first four cylinder engine.

In 1950 he was hired by MV founder Count Domenico Agusta to be chief mechanic for MV’s struggling race team and then climbed up the ladder overseeing technical developments and working with company engineers and making MV’s four-cylinder race bikes into world championship machines.

When MV Agusta pulled out of racing in 1976, Magni started producing his own custom-framed MV using customer bikes and engines left over from the end of MV production and then moved towards Honda, BMW and Moto Guzzi powerplants for his creations, like the famed Magni MV 861 and the Sport 1200 S.

Paton comes to life in 1958 with Giuseppe Pattoni and Lino Tonti.

Pattoni was chief mechanic for the FP Mondial GP team and Tonti was a designer and they teamed up after Mondial closed up shop.

The two would build racing motorcycles using materials from Mondial’s old racing department to build the first Patons and Mike Hailwood would ride a single-cylinder two-shaft Paton 125 to sixth place at the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy.

A few years later they produced a two-cylinder 250, which was later turned into a 350 and then a 500 which would become an international name in racing bikes.

Zaeta was actually born in 1970s and takes its unusual name from giallo cookie made in the Veneto region, however the company broke onto the international scene in 2007, because of four very passionate motorcycle lovers.

Paolo Chiaia, Massimo Rizzo, Marco Belli (3-time UK champion and 2-time European dirt and short track champion) and Graziano Rossi (9-time World Champion Valentino Rossi’s father) who promoted the idea to produce a lightweight machine that would be the perfect bike for a MotoGP rider to train on.

They came up with the Zaeta 530 DT, that is dirt track bike that is now available in road-legal scramblers and café racer variations.

Last but not least is CR&S, the acronym stands for Café Racers & Superbikes, a motorcycle company founded by Roberto Crepaldi (he was also the partner and founder with Carlo Talamo of the Numero Uno in 1984).

In 1992 he and John Britten collaborated and and the first CR&S bike was born, the famed CR&S Britten V1000 racing bike.

After John Britten died, in 1995, the CR&S team stopped competing in racing and they began developing a single-cylinder road bike with the help of Raceco.

In 2004, Roberto Pattoni became partner and technical director in CR&S and in September of the same year CR&S introduced the custom Vun (one in Milan dialect) and later the DUU (which means two) to create unique motorcycles on customer specifications.

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