Magnum MK5 Track Car Revealed

If the thought of another Westfield, Caterham or Lotus Elise bores you and the Ariel Atom’s too extreme, the latest machine from Canadian firm Magnum Cars could be the one to get your pulse racing again. The Magnum MK5 is an extreme machine that’s designed for the road and track.

Under the skin there’s a four-pot petrol engine that produces 250bhp at 11,000rpm. As it’s only 1,200 pounds, the 250bhp is enough to shoot the MK5 from 0-62mph time in 3.2 seconds and onto a max speed of 150mph. Power is transferred to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential ‘box and a limited-slip differential. With F1-style pushrod suspension and inboard two-way adjustable dampers, there’s more than enough grip for the power, and lightweight 18-ince alloys wrapped with 225/40 tyres at the front and 265/35 at the back connect the Magnum MK5 to the road.

Carbon fibre has been used extensively in this machine. The bodywork is made entirely from the stuff and carbon has been used liberally within the cockpit, which is trimmed with aluminium and suede. There’s little else within the cabin except a steering wheel with a backlit digital display complete with a lap timer.

The Canadian car maker is currently taking orders but before you rush to the phone you’d better take notice of the price. Magnum obviously believe in the less is more philosophy because although it’s a stripped out racer, the MK5 costs £86,000. Thankfully your £86,000 buys a pretty unique machine as only 20 will be made. The other plus point is that it’s an easy car to maintain, as Bruno St-Jacques, the firm’s owner explains, “The MK5 is easy to maintain and, because it is built to take the abuse, [it] has very low running costs. It can easily be maintained by its owner or by any established sports car shop. It does not require a full crew or any special tools. You just jump in and drive.”

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