Makeover for motorcycle test

Changes to how the motorcycle test is carried out are have been announced.

The Government wants to weed out duff candidates before they undertake the riskier, high-speed parts of the test. It comes after calls for the 'swerve test' to be axed, after several accidents were reported to have taken place while taking the procedure.

Candidates will be tested on slow manoeuvres first, to prove that they have sufficient control of the vehicle. Only then wil they be able to move on to the high speed sections of the test. The emergency stop will take place before doing the swerve exercise. Those candidates who fail it will not be allowed to carry out the avoidance (swerve) exercise as it would be unsafe for them to do so.

Road safety minister Mike Penning said: 'As Road Safety Minister - and as a motorcyclist - I know how important it is that our motorcycle test prepares new riders for real life on the road. That is why I decided to carry out a full review of the motorcycle test. The first changes from the review are being implemented from today when we will be applying common-sense measures which will see the off-road section of test made safer, fairer and more realistic.'

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