Man clamped 'in 30 seconds' outside station

Exeter Central Station is getting a reputation as being a paradise for clampers. And now motorist Peter Webber, 48, a teacher, claims he was clamped just 30 seconds after getting out of his car to get change from the station for the parking machine.

'I do feel I have been robbed of the £100 clamping fee,' he told The Telegraph. 'I left my car parked for 30 seconds. As I went into the station to get change for the parking ticket machine, I saw the attendant clamping my car.

Network Rail had recently promised that clamping company Premier Parking Solutions would not issue tickets or clamp cars left parked at the station for less than five minutes. Mr Webber was outraged by the overzealous and calculated nature of the clamping, claiming: 'The way it was done was cold and ridiculous. I pointed out (to PPS) it takes 50 seconds to read the instructions on the ticket machine.'

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