Mass Citroen gathering

Got a Citreon 2CV stowed away in the garage? Our advice is to dust it off, fill it up and head of to Salbris in central France, where the 19th biannual 'Amis de la 2CV' event is due to take place later this month.

Up to 6,000 examples of Citreon's iconic vehicle will be descending on the 60-hectare site earmarked for the event.

The car prototype for the 2CV was developed in the 1930s, but these original models are almost impossible to find, as most were destroyed before war broke out. There will be four pre-war vehicles on display at Salbris, three of which were hidden to stop the Nazis gettting hold of them and another that Michelin stored.

Visit the official Amis de la 2CV website or contact denis.huille@citroen.com for more details on what is sure to be a fabulous motoring event.

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