Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury is at least $ 1 million

Maybach no longer exist but you can still spend a fortune on one. Anyone with a spare $1 million (£600k) could get one of these Maybach 57S carbon machines. The original car’s styling was so anonymous that it was always crying out for a makeover. It seems that Toby Knight of Miami based Knight Luxury agrees as in return for $1 million they’ll give you this pimped up machine.

Knight Luxury is playing on their name a little bit when they offer their car spa treatment and name change. The spa “substantially reconstructs” the Maybach by sending it to a secret location in Germany where someone does something to the car (they won't tell us exactly what). When it comes back to you it’s been knighted so you can officially call it Sir Maybach 57S.

Even if you ignore the silly name you can’t ignore the looks. A deeper and more aggressive front end is complimented at the rear with a similarly forceful apron. LED running lights at the front and a carbon fibre rear diffuser add to the looks.

Power has been improved from 611 bhp to 712 bhp and the car’s been lightened thanks to a carbon fibre boot lid and bonnet. The doors and the wings are also made from the stuff as are the engine cover and the air filter box. No wonder this thing costs as much as it does.

There are 24 inch alloys that are powder coated black and emblazoned with Knight Luxury logos and you get underbody lighting that’s made up of 10 LEDs that combine to shine the Knight Luxury brand onto the floor when the doors are opened. Inside you’ll find leather trim throughout. Even the boot is lined with the material. Diamond stitching and more logos are littered within the cabin.

The exact price is anyone’s guess because this is pretty much a bespoke Maybach but Knight Luxury expect owners to come prepared to spend at least $1 million.

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