’Maybe it’s because I am black?’

Lewis Hamilton is well known to be one of the fastest, and more aggressive F1 drivers out there, and this weekend in Monaco the British driver managed to infuriate officials with an ill judged joke about the colour of his skin after enduring a frustrating weekend.

After picking up a drive-through penalty and a further 20-second penalty for his on-track behaviour, the former champion was fuming.

‘Out of six races I've been to the stewards five times,’ he complained. ‘It's a joke. It's an absolute fricking joke.

‘Maybe it's because I'm black. That's what Ali G says – I don't know.’

The race started well for the McLaren driver, who earned a round of applause from the crowd for an overtaking manoeuvre on Michael Schumacher, but then on lap 33, he tried to overtake Brazilian Felippe Massa on the inside and clipped him.

The stewards immediately imposed a penalty, and towards the end of the race there was another incident, with Hamilton running Pastor Maldonado out of the race. Hamilton could find no fault with his own driving for either incident, and denied that a poor grid positioning led to him driving more aggressively than usual.

‘The start position did not affect my confidence as a driver,’ he claimed. ‘People want to see overtaking and more of a show, but then you just get punished. I am fair enough to own up when I've made a stupid mistake and risked an accident – but that wasn't the case here.’

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