Learning About Mazda Cars

Mazda cars are manufactured by the Mazda Motor Company, head-quartered in Japan. The company was founded in 1920. The current chairperson of Mazda Motor Company is Takashi Yamanouchi. Mazda primarily deals with the manufacture and sale of compact cars and passenger vehicles. Head office locations are based in the United States, China and Germany. The production sites are based in Japan, United States, Philippines, Taiwan, China, South Africa, Ecuador and Colombia. Mazda cars are characterized by four wheel vehicles, diesel engines, automatic transmission, manual transmission and rotary engines.

Mazada Kazamai

Mazda Kazamai was first showcased at Moscow International Automobile Salon in 2008. The word Kazamai in Japanese means swirling crosswinds. The Kazamai is manufactured based on the Mazda vision of improving technology development. The need to provide balance between new technologies and environmental care is reflected in the design. The car is designed to offer functionality and comfort. The shape design resembles a wedge for easy manoeuvres in windy environments.

Mazda RX7

The Mazda RX7 was manufactured in 1978. During that time, it offered a competitive package against other sports cars of the time. The Mazda RX7 has a rotary engine. A rotary engine operates by crankshaft remaining stationary while the entire cylinder block rotates around it. The middle area of the car near the front part has a sports look design. The vehicle has real wheel drive. The rear wheel layout provides a balanced and smooth ride and easily adapts for performance racing. The rear wheel layout is where the engine location is placed in front of the car and the wheels driven by the engine are located at the rear.

Mazda B-Series

The Mazda B-Series is a compact pickup that has continued to remain true to its large dimension. The Mazda B-Series were the sole truck developments produced by the Mazda Motor Company. Today this Mazda pickup is a joint venture production between the Mazda Motor Company and Ford Motor Company. The Mazda B-Series was famous and popular during the 1990's to early 2000's. The final generation version of the Mazda pickup is based on designs from the Ford Motor company. These designs include the Mazda B2300, B3000 and B4000.



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