Mazda EV trials

The way of the future or just flash in the pan? Either way, the market is heating up for Electric Vehicles and Mazda intend to get their own out from spring 2012 as an all-electric version of its 2 supermini begins trials in Japan.

Mazda is going solo with its new EV programme, eschewing partnerships with other manufacturers, and aims to ‘enhance its knowledge of EV usage requirements in everyday motoring and the practical demands placed on electric drive technologies.’

The new EV in the Mazda fleet should boast a range of around 125 miles and will include regenerative braking and hybrid drivetrains. The company is adamant that ‘the internal combustion engine is expected to remain at the heart of the automobile for the near future,’ and that its EV programme will create models that offer ‘driving pleasure as well as outstanding environmental and safety performance.’

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