Mazda madness

The global car industry has had some severe knocks over the past few years, not just having to cope with a major world wide recession, Toyota has had an unprecedented recall of its cars for safety reasons. Now Mazda is facing a similar problem as they’ve been forced to recall 90,000 cars in China and Japan also for malfunction reasons.

280,000 Mazda 3’s are suspected to have an oil hose fault. The specifics are that the hose is in danger of rubbing against a radiator causing it to leak oil and resulting in the car not being able to start. At present the recall will just take place in the far east and no plans have been made to do the same in Europe or the UK, where 6,000 Mazda 3’s have been sold.

If you are a UK Mazda 3 driver its recommended you contact your car dealer if you notice a similar problem, but it’s still safe to drive, as long as you can get the car started.

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