Mclaren and Ferrari: 'we can still win title'

Mclaren and Ferrari drivers certainly know how to talk the talk, but when they get in the ring with motor racing ace Sebastian Vettel, taming the Red Bull has been a far more tricky matter.

In the run up to the Belgian GP at Spa-Francorchamps, they have insisted that they are still in the hunt for the title. But as this is all very admirable talk, Pedro de la Rosa has pointed out the enormity of the task facing them.

'The figures don't lie,' said the McLaren reserve driver to formulasantander.com, 'and they also tell us that Vettel won last year's world championship with 256 points.'

'(That is) 22 points more than what he currently has. I know these are only figures, but they are worrying,' said the Spaniard.

Vettel is in the middle of what the German press has termed a 'mini crisis', with the 24-year-old not winning a race since Valencia in June. However, in an interview with Bild newspaper, the German hotshot was not worried.

'You can't assume you're going to have a car able to drive away from all the others for a whole season,' he said.

'I didn't win the last few races but we always did our best and scored (points) properly. It will be good as long as we continue like this.

'There are still eight races and we have to make sure we are fighting every time. You can't win every time and it's certainly not a drama to not win two or three in a row,' he added Vettel.

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