McLaren MP4-12C

It was a staggering 17 years ago that McLaren launched its F1 super car and, since then, it’s gathered legendary status. Actually, it is considered to be the greatest car ever made. But unless you are F1 world champs Jenson Button or Lewis Hamilton you have and probably will never ever drive one. But hold back those man tears because more deets of the highly anticipated road friendly McLaren have been released.

The MP4-12C will cost a reasonable £160,000 (the new Ferrari 599 is twice that), will be open topped, capable of a staggering 0-60mph in 3-seconds and nail biting speeds of 200mph. The super duper MP4-12C is due for the production line next year and will be overseen by none other than McLaren chairman Ron Dennis, who recently declared: ‘we will be severely punished if we fall short.’ Exciting stuff.

However, if you’re not on the waiting list you can all but forget that dream of straddling the forthcoming super beast. The churn out is expected to run into the tens rather than the thousands *cries man tears*.

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