Men hired to smash up Lamborghini

A furious Lamborghini owner hired a team of sledgehammer wielding men to destroy the car, after dealers failed to fix it.

The luxury Lamborghini Gallardo L140 had recurring problems since the owner purchased it last October in China.

But instead of repairing it, the owner claims, the dealers made it worse by damaging the chassis and bumper.

After complaining to the head of Lamborghini without luck, the desperate man seemed decided to make a statement. He hired a group of workers to pummel the car to pieces with sledgehammers on World Consumer Rights Day.

The display drew a large crowd in the city of Qingdao in eastern China.

Ostentatiously smashing up an ostentious luxury car is one thing, but with a Gallardo costing up to £465,000 in China, we think this statement says more about the depth of the man’s pocket than anything else.

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