Men in traffic jam wrath

The stress levels of men faced with a traffic jam can soar to up to seven times more than their female counterparts, according to new research.

Psychologists have found that chemicals linked to stress increased by 60 percent in the saliva of men when in a pile up.

The study also uncovered the reason why men supposedly are unable to sit still and enjoy scenery (a rather feminine activity surely?).

Boffins say that it's all linked to a take nature's take flight or fight mechanism, which is apparently the default male reaction to any stressful situation.

However, when faced with congestion, neither option is applicable, which leads to typical angry reactions from male drivers.< /p>

So now we know a little more about the male psyche. Next time you're in a traffic jam spare a thought for all the fuming male drivers – they know not what they do.< /p>

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