Mercedes C-Class 2014 Officially Unveiled

Mercedes has announced the arrival of the all-new 2014 Mercedes C-Class with little fanfare, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to shout about with this new saloon. The fifth generation car represents a major step forward for the German luxury car maker so it’s a bit more than just another luxury compact saloon.

Mercedes has announced a car that will become the most refined and efficient compact saloon on the market when it’s released in 2014. The car will get its official unveiling during the 2014 Detroit Auto Show in January but the BMW 3-Series rival has been announced ahead of time to drum up interest.

The new saloon, which has been given the type name W205, uses the firm’s modular chassis (MRA). It’s the platform that Mercedes will use for each of their large vehicles over the next five years. It can be used for four-wheel-drive and hybrid machines as well as vehicles of a wide variety of sizes, which is handy for a firm who make everything from small city cars to off-roaders.

The new car’s looks have a familiar feel but there’s a sleekness not seen in other saloon Mercedes and the sloping roofline gives this a coupe-style look. We’re expecting Mercedes C-Class Coupe and Cabriolets to follow in 2015 along with an AMG version. Until the extreme machine arrives, you’ll have to make do with the 4.0 litre turbocharged V8 model that will get from 0-62mph in 4.0 seconds.

Inside the cabin you’ll find all the refinements you would expect in a Mercedes. There are new digital TFT screens, one of which is within the instrument cluster, which are crystal clear and represent a big step forward over the existing technology. There’s plenty of comfort throughout, particularly in the back where the slightly longer wheelbase adds a bit more legroom. The boot’s also bigger and at 480 litres it offers the same space as the BMW 3-Series’s boot.

The new car will come in at £28,316 when it's launched in the autumn. We’ll have more information for you next month when the new Mercedes C-Class is shown to the public in Detroit.

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