Mercedes in 2012 will be ‘excellent’

Nico Rosberg may be one of Lewis Hamilton’s tips for the top, but the plucky German, 25, will, unless his fortunes suddenly change, soon clock up the statistic of having competed in 100 grand prix without winning a single one of them.

But his Mercedes team boss Ross Brawn thinks that may be about to change in 2012. The Brackley based team had high hopes for their current W02 car, but it has turned out to be largely a damp squib.

‘We had to squeeze out pretty much everything to win the championship (as Brawn GP) in 2009, and we paid the price for that (in 2010),’ he told the Corriere della Sera newspaper.

But 2012 could be a different story. ‘We have all the elements we need to have an excellent car next season,’ said Brawn.

But first Mercedes will need to find a way to stop the Red Bull team, currently F1’s frontrunners. He predicted their success will continue into net season.

‘Power in F1 goes in cycles, and normally it's five years,’ he said. ‘I am aware of this personally since my days at Ferrari.’

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