Mercedes S-Class Coupe unveiled ahead of 2014 Geneva Motor Show

The new Mercedes S-Class Coupe has been unveiled ahead of its 2014 Geneva Motor Show launch and we’re pleased with the approach that the German car maker has taken. They haven’t taken the “four-door coupe” route with this one preferring to make the 2014 S-Class Coupe a traditional two-door machine.

This new machine will replace the CLS which was for all intense and purposes a four-door coupe version of the S-Class saloon. Mercedes have done away with the confusing type name and gone with a more conventional one for this new coupe that shares more than a name with its saloon cousin.

As with the S-Class saloon, the coupe has Mercedes’ adaptive suspension system which “senses” the road to improve comfort. Notice that we’re not talking about handling here, as this is a machine that’s been built more for comfort than performance, but that doesn’t mean Mercedes has forgotten to add a little poke to their latest creation. The new S-Class also uses the drivetrain from the four-door machine so you’re looking at a Mercedes that has 258bhp on tap from its V6 turbo-diesel if you can only afford the entry-level machine. Mercedes is also offering a 455bhp 5.0 litre turbo-petrol and a 3.5 litre V6 petrol and electric powered hybrid.

This Mercedes is a comfortable one to drive or be driven in and it’s feature packed inside. The cabin comes with a two-part TFT screen in the centre console that incorporates both the instruments and the infotainment system. There’s a touchpad for that controls the infotainment and sat-nav that works like a touchscreen on a smartphone and you can opt for a head-up display that puts all your vital information onto the windscreen.

PHOTO GALLERY Mercedes S-Class Coupe unveiled ahead of 2014 Geneva Motor Show

We’ll have more on the new Mercedes-Benz next month following its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

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