Mercedes' 'sensational' new design concept

Mercedes-Benz will be 125 years old on 29 January, and the company plans to mark the occsion by unveiling a new design concept, reports Autocar

The new car will take the form of a sculpture, in the same vein as the one that inspired the F800 concept at last year’s Detroit motor show.

The firm is reportedly planning a ‘dramatic, sensational’ new concept at the Frankfurt motor show in the autumn – also as part of the celebrations marking 125 years since Karl Benz was awarded a patent for his Motorwagen.

Mercedes put the celebrations in gear at this year’s Detroit show with a display of its innovation using alternatively-fuelled cars, presumably alluding to the fact that its MFA patent will probably centre around a car that can be ‘powered by petrol, diesel, natural gas, hydrogen and electricity.’

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