Mercedes that belonged to Elvis sells for over £80,000

A Mercedes Benz limo that once belonged to Elvis Presley has been sold for £80,700. The King of Rock and Roll's powder-blue Mercedes 600 Saloon was auctioned by Bonhams in Surrey.

Elvis was always keen on cars with his admiration for Mercedes 600s being overshadowed by his famous pink Cadillac. The car is thought to be one of only a few cars that Elvis registered in his name. It was one of two Mercedes 600s he owned in the 70’s.

The car sold for half of its estimated selling price. Bonhams have defended the selling price stating that it is good considering the car would only be worth £40,000 if Elvis had not owned it. They suggested that the asking price of £150,000 was too high in the current market.

Elvis bought the car in the early 70's and he owned it for two years before giving it to a friend. The luxury limo was bought from a car dealership in Memphis in 2005 and brought over to the UK, despite attempts by the Elvis Presley fan club to keep it in the US. The car has been restored to a high standard. The auction attracted a great deal of interest and in the end it went to a bidder from Germany.

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