MG3 Making a Style Statement

As with cars like the Fiat 500 and the MINI, the MG3 is attempting to be more than a mode of transport. The newest creation from the British marque is set to become a style icon that will allow its owners to personalise it far more than other cars.

MG’s new supermini will be available in 3 trim levels and with 10 graphic packs and 10 colours to choose from. The combinations here allow for 300 unique models and that’s without any other options being selected, so this is a car that’s truly individual. The aim for MG engineers was to create a car targeted at “young and style conscious buyers” that’s affordable for people in that demographic.

There are 16 inch alloy wheels, LED running lights and a rear spoiler with some models. Chrome finishing on the exhaust and extended side sills are a feature of other spec MG3s. Inside, the personalisation is extended as the trim, mats and vents match the chosen design.

The MG3’s exterior styling includes blacked-out A-pillars, which creates a wraparound screen effect, and the firm’s full-width grille. The design was created by SAIC’s European Design Centre in Birmingham, which is now Britain’s fifth largest design studio.

The downside to personalisation of any car is lower residual values because what ticks one person’s box doesn’t necessarily go down well with second hand buyers, but if the new MG3 comes in at under £10,000 as expected perhaps residual values aren’t something that owners will be worried about.

The new MG3 goes on sale this autumn with a 104bhp petrol engine under the bonnet and a five speed transmission. More engine and transmission options will follow within a year of the car’s launch. Full specs, including emission and economy figures, and prices for the car and the options haven’t been released as yet.

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